It always makes me upset when an article such as this takes on implants and ends up dissing on women with naturally large breasts.

The thinking seems to be that even God-given 38Ds were fashioned at the expense of cerebro-cortical mass; wit and tit are inversely proportional.

I personally have breasts of a size that many women aim for when they do in for “augmentation”, and to be perfectly honest I can’t see what all the fuss is about. I have to wear a special sports bra that cost about three times that of a normal sports bra when I go to exercise. Despite the appeal of the large bouncing breast to straight male watchers of Baywatch, running with breasts that unsupported starts to hurt pretty quickly. There are no cute bras in anything larger than a C-cup and for some companies even that is pushing the limit; after that point a great majority of bras are plain/matronly. Strapless bras that fit and support well are also incredibly hard to find at my size. With a great majority of the dresses I wear I have to wear a bra, which gets damned inconvenient when the dress is both strapless and backless. Yeah, sure I like them, but it has taken many years for me to accept them as they are.

On Feministe commenter Peggy has it down perfectly:

As a naturally big-busted woman (yup, 38D), I don’t find the article too amusing. I’ve spent a good portion of my life wishing my breasts were smaller, since they sometimes get in the way (such as doing sports), need a bra for support even when it’s sweltering hot outside, are too big for many fashions, and, most irritatingly, seem to have the power to prevent some men from looking me in the eye. I’ve often felt that I’d be taken more seriously as a B cup. “Funny” articles about fake breasts just reinforce the idea that busty women (since many men can’t distinguish between real and fake breasts) are dumb and only interested in attracting the male gaze.

As for the wit part, my I.Q. is pretty high above average (125 to 140, depending on the test), although I can’t quite claim what this woman can:

38D here… born with white blonde hair (now chemically induced), Mensa qualified (never joined)

Many feminists also have a tendency to imply that bigger breasts are worse because they pander to the patriarchy, never stopping to think that some women do naturally have larger breasts and are perfectly happy with their breast size as a part of who they are. Smaller breasts are not automatically better because they don’t attract as much attention from the average straight male. That kind of thinking is what really makes me mad.

I am an intelligent woman with large breasts. Hear me roar!

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