Just a note…

I’ve commented on this before, elsewhere, but lately I’ve noticed that when I cruise the personals I’m looking for a woman, rather than a man, which is rather unusual seeing that a majority of my sexual relationships have been with men. Is it that because I am relatively satisfied (relatively being the key term–we have issues to work out) with my sexual relationship with a man that I am looking for the other half for me? This waxes and wanes, I notice, but I have a strong feeling that when I truly seek out another relationship it will be with a female.

I still am attracted to men in general, but they have to be very attractive (or familiar) to catch my eye. I wonder if it is because I am getting tired of appearing normal and conforming to heteronormativity. But I do find myself wondering how strict (not fluid) a certain person’s sexuality is. What does straight mean to her? Because I would be willing to be the college experimentation if that was a realistic possibility.

If you like it, tell me why. If you don't, tell me why.

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