The Way We Play: Introduction

I happen to be in two relationships right now that have D/s components in them and, since this is an important part of my life, I feel that it is worth writing on them. I’m going to try to do themed posts regarding bits and pieces of these relationships and kink as a whole under this header, but some times they may be less organized than others.

First relationship: My first boyfriend, whom I have been with just short of 20 months at this point in time. We have been playing around with kink since basically the beginning of our sexual relationship, with a few mishaps along the way. He primarily bottoms to me, and I top him. Sometimes this borders on submission and domination, depending on how we’re playing.

Second relationship: My second boyfriend, whom I have been submissive to for a little over six months. We have various other anniversaries; we have only officially been bf/gf for a little more than a month now. Our relationship started out as purely D/s. Well, that’s the basic story at least. The big surprise was that we fell for each other–not really expected by either side, to be honest. We’ve had our little roller coasters, but nothing too seriously damaging.

I am cross-posting this on my livejournal (because I think it’s relevant).