I remember, I remember, I remember…

I am friends with a former lover and his wife on Facebook. I have never met her, but I have talked to her directly several times and through her many more times. She likes to post pictures of what their family is up to: her, her husband, their son (who looks like he will be every bit the looker that his dad is), and their daughter, who was born while my former lover and I were still together (near the very end). Their daughter was born November 2009, though I don’t remember what day. I met/saw his daughter once in June 2010, when she was a sleeping babe in arms–he brought her to a presentation that I was holding. She will never remember me, but I have watched some of her growing up through her mother’s pictures. I feel blessed in a small way, that I get to do this.

If you like it, tell me why. If you don't, tell me why.

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