My Web

My life is complicated.  Whenever I add a new partner, I go over my web with them, so they know who I spend time with, who means a lot to me.  The first time, I drew it out on a napkin, the second time on a receipt.  Since then, I’ve gotten a little bit more high-tech and have a graphic to share*.

If you had asked me several months ago what my chart looks like, this is what I would have told you:  I am partnered with two people, Minx (female) and Trydaen (male).  Minx is recently married to Raven (male) and is partnered with Baron (male).  Though they are no longer dating me, Musician (male) and Butterfly (female) are still significant to me.  Butterfly is wife to Biker (male) and Willow (female) and dating Heinlein and Enoch (both male).  Musician is partnered to Shadow (female).  Willow is wife to Tech (male) and Biker is partnered to Sprite (female).  There are a few people I see occasionally, but don’t anticipate partnering with them, at least at this point in time.

My poly web, polycule, network, whatever you want to call it has recently gotten smaller with the passing of my partner Minx and the withdrawal of my former partner Musician.  I am still connected, at least by memory of Minx, to Raven and Baron.

*My current graphic:

As of 9/29/2013

As of 9/29/2013