28 Day Non-Monogamy Challenge Day 1

So, I read about this challenge on Tumblr answering one question each day of February about my personal relationship with non-monogamy and I thought it might be fun.

Day 1: What type of non-monogamous relationships do you have?

At this moment I have a polyamorous relationship with my partner Trydaen.  We are each technically free to date and otherwise with other people with informed consent.  At the beginning of our relationship both of us were in other long-term relationships, but both of those petered off of their own accord.  I have been in one such relationship of that type since – with Minx, who died – and am only just now again ready to be in that type of relationship again.

I have very close ties with other people in my life.

  • Raven, with whom my relationship took a different, but no less pleasant character, after Minx died.  I enjoy that we’ve had time to become closer and I value that immensely.
  • Asa, whom I have known for near on five years.  Our relationship has a supportive, and/but slightly kinky undertone.

I’ve also gotten some time to spend lately with people in casual settings, dates and the like.  If it goes anywhere, fine.  If not, that’s also cool.  I am just rediscovering my relationship bandwidth.

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