28 Day Non-Monogamy Challenge Day 2

So, I read about this challenge on Tumblr answering one question each day of February about my personal relationship with non-monogamy and I thought it might be fun.

Day 2: When did you first realize you were non-monogamous?

I don’t know if there was a first realization.  There was a first introduction to the idea and that was in college.

I had a threesome in the first few months I was college.  None of us had a preexisting relationship.  We talked about being in a relationship with all three of us – something we conceived of being possible, but didn’t know any terminology.  So I did research, like I did.  And discovered polyamory.

This relationship never panned out for a number of reasons, but the idea resonated with me.  And I was never quite the same.

One thought on “28 Day Non-Monogamy Challenge Day 2

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