28 Day Non-Monogamy Challenge Day 3

Day 3: What have been the best and worst experiences you’ve had coming out as non-monogamous?

I’ve been pretty blessed to be honest.

The worst was not bad at all, just timing that was a little wonky.  My non-live in partner was visiting and we lost track of time and my sister showed up on a visit a little early.  So I had to explain the situation to her and she was a bit weird about it, but ultimately cool.

The best was to my parents.  Or at least the most hilarious.  I was visiting their house and finally decided I should out myself to them.  So, visibly nervous, I sat them down in the living room and proceeded to tell them.  My dad, completely straight-faced for only the first few seconds of it, started to go on a hellfire and damnation speech and then started cracking up in the middle because he couldn’t do it.  They both just wanted to make sure that I was safe, healthy, and happy, and I assured them I was (and have continued to do so).

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