28 Day Non-Monogamy Challenge Day 25

25: How do you feel about the portrayal of non-monogamy in the media?

I am encouraged by the portrayal of non-monogamy in the media.  In the time I have actively identified as polyamorous (not including the time I have been practicing non-monogamy but not identifying as such) the number of poly people showing in the media and the number of poly stories in the mainstream media has probably trebled, if not more.

However, most of these people are young, white, good-looking, richer people and I don’t like that very much.  This tends to represent poly as something that only that sort of people can do, which irks me to no end.  Poly could do with more diversity for sure, and we’re not going to get any if people think it’s only for certain specified, privileged groups.

As for swinging (the other big non-monogamy group) they are stereotyped as basically the same as poly, except slightly less good-looking and older.  Which tends to be discouraging for younger swingers.

One thought on “28 Day Non-Monogamy Challenge Day 25

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