Odd Sort of Love

I’m not any sort of sappy romantic.  Most of the traditional courtship things have little to no significance for me.  They are simply not how I prefer to express or receive love.

My parents, my dad especially, tend to see this as odd, despite the fact that my dad is very similar.  He had difficulty seeing romance in my relationship with my partner because we’re not super touchy in public.  Our affection is different.  Less obvious, more private.

He randomly sends me pictures of cute animals because he knows they’ll make me smile.  He’s not a huge fan of big gatherings, but is choosing to do the handfasting with me because he knows it will make me happy.  I choose to debate with him (even though I’m not very good at it) because he wants someone to listen and bounce ideas off of.

This is the person I want with me – there are some things we will never understand about each other and I can guarantee this is and will be frustrating.  But this love works for me, right here, right now.