August Post 31

Feeling: oh, so many things

Woke up happily this morning, but my stomach, head, and joints started hurting after a short while awake.  Messaged in to work to say that I’d be in late and didn’t get up until Diplomat did.  After he left, I made myself something to eat, talked with Trydaen a bit (turns out he isn’t feeling too great either), then chilled on the couch until it was time for my med management appointment.

The appointment was very productive – we talked about getting the ball rolling on a med that the ARNP wants me to try, but we’ve been working up to because my insurance doesn’t cover it (trying to get a pre-authorization and see if we can get them to cover it).  We also finally talked about getting me on meds to help with the Ick, so I now have a prescription for a slightly different (she says better formulated) version of the anti-depressant I know helps with it.  While she’s working on the pre-authorization, we’re going to stay on my current med for the ADHD (because, except for a few bumps, it seems to be working ok), but bump the dose up a bit.

On a slightly different note – I think my long term memory recall is actually getting better.  While I was chilling on the couch at home this morning I tried a recall exercise.  I closed my eyes and went through what we did last night and placed it in chronological order.  It took me a little bit to get everything in the right order, but I was thrilled that I could manage that.  I remember telling Trydaen earlier this week that I hadn’t been putting things on the calendar because I could actually remember most of them – ya know, forgetting that he actually occasionally looks at my calendar for planning purposes.  I did fail on remembering timing on one thing, but I think that’s a triumph in comparison to most of the last few years.

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