Non-Monogamy Challenge – Day 1

Day 1: What type of non-monogamous relationships do you have?

I choose polyamory because it works for me.  I opt not to do hierarchical polyamory, because I feel that it devalues the connections I have – if, outside of my own constraints, relationships cannot develop naturally, be as they can be, then it does not feel good to me.  Too many restrictions, even those of my own nature, make me feel boxed in, and that’s exactly the opposite of how I want to be.

I have three regular partners (using that as a broad term to encompass the lot of them, rather than as a description of each relationship) – my anchor partner of almost 5 years, my boyfriend/partner of almost 8 months, and my girlfriend of 6 months. I also have one person with whom I am affectionate and loving, but we’re going slowly, so I’m not sure where it will go and I’m quite okay with that.  I have one person who I have gone on dates with, but I am not sure that will ever work out to anything beyond friends (maybe fucking at some point, but that hasn’t worked out yet).

I have friends I live with and others I will live with in the future if all goes as planned.  I moved in with my anchor partner a bit short of 9 months ago and I also live with my ex-girlfriend (also my anchor’s ex-girlfriend, but their relationship was of a much longer duration), her current partner, and another one of her exes.

With one of my partners I get two metamours – those count as a non-monogamous relationship right?  I mean, I wouldn’t have them if it wasn’t for non-monogamy.

If you like it, tell me why. If you don't, tell me why.

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