Non-Monogamy Challenge Day 15

15. What type of relationship, if any, do you have with your partners’ partners?

Well, this question is easy enough to answer at this junction, as I only have one partner who actually does have other partners.  Well, according to my chart I technically also have Kat and her husband, but yeah…not sure that’s ever going to be a thing.

So, from that branch, there’s June, Star, and La (gosh, I wish I could think of a better nickname for her – anyone who knows her, I am totally open to suggestions).

In general, I adore them.  They are very definitely part of my chosen family and I feel blessed every day knowing them.  I am generally concerned about being the youngest person in the group and having issues relating because of that, but I am not sure, given time, how much of an issue that will be.

June: At this point, we are just sorta getting to know each other.  We mostly get along and I do find June a fantastic conversationalist.  June has a lovely sense of humor and is sort of a mystery to me, which is intriguing.  I am looking forward to getting to know June better over time.

Star:  I sort of knew Star off and on for several years before we became metas.  We talked in passing at various different kinds of gatherings over that time.  So I was glad for the opportunity to get to know her better when I started dating Diplomat. It is very nice having another Old Poly Fogey (copyright pending – well, not really) to talk things over that worry me and to celebrate with.  I enjoy her company, honesty, her enthusiasm for life, and her persistence in the face of mental and physical illness.

La:  I met La at the same party I first met Star.  She was the first person I talked to there and she helped set me at ease, since I was so nervous about being at a party where I only potentially knew a few people.  We don’t talk often, but I appreciate her kind nature very much – and her pictures (especially of bunnies).  Distance makes getting together difficult, but I am glad she is in my life, in whatever role that ends up taking.

Thank you love, for bringing these wonderful people (back) into my life and giving me the opportunity to make fabulous connections.  I wouldn’t miss that chance for the world.

If you like it, tell me why. If you don't, tell me why.

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