Non-Monogamy Challenge Day 16

16. Describe the best and worst interaction with a partner’s partner.

Best: Spending time with Star when she was recovering from surgery.  For the first time, we spent hours talking about life and the deep stuff and I came out of the discussion feeling like my emotional intelligence had been brought up a notch.  Plus we had edibles (and at least I got stoned) and watched Stardust together until the dark hours.

Worst:  More really, the most awkward.  So for awhile I thought that I could handle anything high much more coolly and suavely that when sober.  Yeah, not so much.

Sometime very early on in the time I was dating Diplomat (After about a month?  I can’t remember too clearly because we had to shuffle it around a bit.) we had a get to know you brunch: Diplomat, June, Trydaen, and me.  I was super nervous, like over the fucking top nervous (when I get super nervous or anxious I actually get nauseated, yeah, not fun at all) – this was clearly someone Very Important and I really had to not fuck it up.  So I decided to have an edible beforehand, just to smooth out nerves and help with the nausea.

And by the time they arrived, I was definitely feeling it.  And I started to regret it soon after.  Mostly because I felt ridiculously doped up and I was a horrible conversationalist.  Yeah, that’s not a great way to make a good first impression on anyone at all.  Afterwards, I felt like I had had a terrible lapse of judgment.  I told myself, “Well, oh fuck.  You boogered that opportunity up.  Better hope you get something resembling another chance.”

I was very clear to Diplomat about what was going on after the fact and he relayed it on.  But mistakes is mistakes is mistakes.  Learning opportunities all.

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