2016 Did Not Suck

I know this is a controversial opinion, but my 2016 did not suck.  Yes, 2017 and the three years after have a higher than average chance of being sucky, due to the election of TOWSNBN.  Yes, a great number of awesome celebrity folks died.  Yes, some people in my life had some unfortunate medical issues come up.

But personally?  I had a great year.

I managed to let go of an ex (even before I was out of my SAD).

I went to a local poly event the day before my birthday, helped out with the greeting (even though it was the first time I had gone), met some neat folks at the event itself.  Then I disappeared to the escape area that some of the more introverted folks set up at a nearby bar and had one of those fabulous one-on-one intellectual conversations that I do so adore, as an introvert.  I am used to those conversations going nowhere afterwards, so despite (apparently – I don’t quite remember) expressing interest in seeing him again, I didn’t expect it to go anywhere.  The conversation was satisfying in and of itself.

Then we went out on a date.  Then a whiskey tasting at a local bar with a dozenish people from the local community – I drove him home, partially just to keep talking with him.  Then a concert, with a certain amount of a certain kind of tension going on by this point – such a hot make out that night.  And then a date at his place for “tension” relief.  Then a brunch with Trydaen to meet his wife (June).

We ended going to Bellingham on a day off – I wanted to show him a town that was very important in my development.  We had a long talk about my gender on the way – I was amazed that someone actually wanted to ask me about that, actually wanted to dig into that with me.  Then we went back to my place and I said what had been sitting on the tip of my tongue for the whole day – I love you.  And had a very enthusiastic and instant reciprocation in response – and I let a large sigh out in relief.

Over Memorial Day weekend I went on a date with a lovely woman out to Leavenworth.  I had met her a couple years before at a party and had gotten the chance to get to know her a little better earlier that month.  So we went out there, wandered around the city in the scorching hear, talked to some friends of hers who also were visiting, and then when out to the river to wander around.  We sat in traffic for a few hours and just had a chance to talk.  Then we out again.  And fucked.  And went out again.  At a sex party we went to I ended up telling her that I loved him off hand.

Through this whole time I spent time with some other lovely folks, mostly casual dating, but with some emotional contact.  All very enjoyable.

Diplomat and Lola ended up meeting my parents – one of my steps in integrating my chosen and bio families, even if just a little bit.

Through various parties and events spent together I got more of a chance to get to know my metas better and started appreciating them far more.  For my household’s holiday party I invited my local polycule – two of whom had never been to my house before.  I was super nervous – what if the experience was less than awesome?  I wanted to give them the best experience possible.  And I was so incredibly happy that it went well.  I loved the chance I got to introduce my new chosen family to my old chosen family and I was glad to reciprocate the introductions that my new partners had made for me to their communities. 

So more love.  And more community.  What is there not to love?

If you like it, tell me why. If you don't, tell me why.

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