Random January 4

Bullet your whole day.

  • Woke up to my first alarm at 6:40 – remembered to take my thyroid meds.
  • Tried to get back to sleep.  Failed.
  • Decided to try to snuggle Diplomat.  First attempt failed, as he was still mostly, if not entirely, asleep.  Second attempt, somewhat more successful.  Third attempt – success!
  • Second alarm at 7:55.  He gets a nosebleed.  I decide to actually get up and get dressed. (Note to self: buy Kleenex, stock in hall closet.  Also, look into humidifiers.)
  • He gets dressed while I look for socks.
  • Achieved warm socks then we both went downstairs.  I noticed that no one had fed the cat his wet food, so I grab the can out of the fridge and a spoon out of the drawer and put it on his plate, after scraping off what he didn’t eat last night.
  • Grab my jacket from the hall closet, shoes from near the door, purse from side table, and keys from right next to it, and then we’re off.
  • We get outside, give Diplomat a kiss goodbye, he tells me he loves me, I say it back, and tell him to have a good Wednesday.
  • Drive to work – went my usual route, but there was something going on at the interection at the bottom of the hill, so I flipped a U-turn and went to work the way I usually come back from it.  Get there basically exactly on time.
  • Log on to computer at work and go grab something to eat.  Come back to desk at work.
  • Work – answering phones and emails.
  • Talk to Lola over Facebook Messenger about going with me to social event for sex party group – it’s a go.  Yay!  Didn’t really want to drive alone.
  • Talk to Diplomat over Facebook Messenger about some stuff he had going on in his head.  I hope I was helpful.  Then talked about actually finalizing some of our anniversary plans.  Squee!
  • Work.  Then weekly meeting at work over phone and web conference – put in a check order and looked at hotels while I was on mute.
  • Lunch.  Talked to Diplomat about last night, which segued into an interesting conversation about perceived power dynamics in our relationship.
  • With 20 minutes left to lunch, I decide to excuse myself from the lounge area and, well, go find a private place.
  • Finish up, wash hands, then head back to work – end up being late back by about 5 minutes.  No big deal.  Also, totally worth it.
  • Decide it is finally time to dismantle the Christmas tree in the front area at work.  Manage to take it apart by myself, but getting it into the box proves rather difficult.  I end up rearranging the order of the pieces and manage to get it in, if not fully closed.  I consider this a victory and drag it off to the hall closet, where it will live until next December.
  • Bathroom break and go heat up a slice of pizza for lunch.  Have a conversation about intermittent fasting with one of my co-workers (The second most recent hire.  He’s a few years older than me.  We occasionally have long involved conversations over Lync/Skype at work about various subjects – he’s the only person in the office I’ll even touch on politics with.  Nice guy, seems to be a rather dedicated dad.)
  • Work.
  • Remember that I haven’t actually eaten the pizza and that I should probably do that, even though it has cooled off.  Cut it up and eat it.
  • Haul couch and chair back to front area (they move when the tree comes out).
  • Have a bit of a coughing fit.  After water and some of a candy cane, seems to be doing better.  Damn allergies.
  • Sign off on the pickup of our paper to shred – can’t talk to the guy, mouth still has pizza in it.
  • Finish pizza, push plate away.
  • Look at rental houses for my birthday trip.  Narrow it down to a few.  Will decide probably later this week, after I have a chance to run it by Trydaen.
  • Have more water and get back to work.
  • Think about a subject for a blog entry, then realize I have yet to do this one.

Currently doing this one – will do the rest of it as far as I think the day will go.

  • More work.  Probably fairly slow.
  • Finish off my water – consider whether I want to ask my boss to cover the phones while I’m off using the bathroom and getting more water.
  • If she is off the phone and her door is open, I will probably ask.  If not, if it gets desperate, I will ask one of my co-workers nearby to keep an eye out.
  • Refill water bottle, use bathroom.
  • Finish off candy cane.
  • Realize that I probably shouldn’t have had the candy cane so close to taking my thyroid meds.  Shrug and say to heck with it.
  • Take thyroid and allergy meds.
  • Send Lync/Skype message at 16:05 that I am logging off and that the phones are out to the folks who are here until 17:00.
  • Go do my usual evening clean up stuff, then grab my purse, bag, and coat, then leave work.
  • Drive home the same way I came in this morning, while listening to the radio.
  • Get home, open door, dog barks, cat notices me (if I’m lucky), and I put down my bag and purse on or near the side table.
  • I decide whether I want to take a quick shower before I go out tonight and whether I want to change, and do that.
  • Trydaen gets home.  I say hello, give him a kiss, and plop down on the couch, if I wasn’t already there.
  • Tell Trydaen that Lola will be by and that we’ll be going out to a social event.  He’ll shrug and probably ask what time I think we’ll be home.  I’ll shrug and say “11ish?” and promise to let him know when we are on our way back.
  • Lola arrives, I scurry to get my stuff together and shoes on, then we leave.
  • We talk in the car on the way there – may end up hitting the tail end of traffic.
  • I maybe get a message from Diplomat, take some time to enjoy it.
  • We get there, find the greeting table if there is one, get name tags and other assorted stuff (if there is anything), and I look around to see if I can pin down a table, bonus points if I know anyone there.  If I don’t, I introduce myself.
  • Lola is being a social butterfly.  She will probably want to spend at least a large chunk of the event with me and I may even get up to wander a little bit.
  • I get a drink, maybe Lola does too.  Hopefully also some food, maybe we’ll split something.  That tends to work out well for both of us.
  • Depending on what time it is and which one of us drove, the non-driver may have a second drink.
  • We probably will both start to get tired around 10 or so, and one of us will mention that we should probably get going.
  • We say good-byes to people and close out the tab.
  • Drive home, probably a bit quiter than the way there.
  • We get back to my place, I give her a kiss good night (or more than one), and head inside.
  • I talk to Trydaen for a little bit, brush my teeth, then head to bed.
  • I’ll read through Facebook and Reddit for a bit, maybe play a little bit of a game on my iPad, then decide I should actually get some sleep, plug it and the phone in, then get comfy.
  • Sleep.

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