Pride Challenge: Day 7

How your parents took it or how you think they might take it

Bi/Queer – Quite well.  I actually came out to them on National Coming Out Day, when they’d come up to where I was going to university for a visit.  We ended up splitting up at the bookstore after lunch, so I told them separately.  My mother said that she knew already and had for awhile (I don’t know how she knew if I hadn’t for very long).  My dad said ok, whatever makes you happy – his response to most things, really.  He has asked me a couple times if my bisexuality was still a “thing”.  Oddly enough, he hasn’t asked since I came out to them as poly and I introduced them to Lola.

Non-Binary – Haven’t done this one yet.  I did get the perfect opportunity in January to do a Trans 101 session with them at my father’s birthday dinner and was careful to use language that was inclusive of people outside the binary.  They were genuinely inquisitive and curious about the subject and gave me space to be the expert, which was really nice.  I think that there is more to talk about before I tell them for sure about being non-binary and I think even when I do, getting my preferred pronouns used will be an uphill battle.  But I’m not super worried for the time being – I am ok with being called she/her (except by people who know otherwise/who know that they/them are my preferred pronouns).  We’ll see when we get there, I guess.

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