What do you let go of?

What do you hold on to?

What can you let go?

Who can you let go?

At what point do you say,

“Fuck this, I’m either all in,

Or all out.  There’s no in between.”

But secretly think that maybe it would be safer, in between?

At what point is ambiguity not enough?

At what point do you hope?

Where is that hope from?

When do you put it on the line?

When do you call it quits?

Where is love in your questions?

Where is sweetness?


Trusting Wishes

Is nothing
Without trust.
Do you
Trust Me?

To rip a hole in you
To help you
Discover you
And then to help
Put you back together

To be the sweet
The sour
The bitter
Taste in your mouth
And through many kisses,

To fail sometimes
To fall down
But then
Through love and grace
Pick myself back up

I wish you did….