November Write 4

It is very hard to type with a cat on your lap.  This is a truth universally recognized, through all time periods.  Having a tablet makes it slightly easier, but I do have to have one hand to hold the tablet and one to give the cat scratches and pets, so…I don’t know how I’m typing right now.  Clearly I am failing with at least one of my hands. Fortunately, for the time being, the cat doesn’t seem to care.  He’s just purring away, sitting right on my belly.  Is my belly as warm as your heating pad cat, or does being inconvenient outweigh the desire for convenient warmth?  Poor cat, having to deal with moving furniture that routinely leaves the house and isn’t around to ignore and demand food from simultaneously.  What jerks!  Haven’t they thought about his very important needs?  He is, after all, the cat of the house.  That gives him top billing in everyone’s lives, especially the ones who routinely give him food closest to the time he desires it.