National Coming Out Day

Since it is National Coming Out Day, I thought this might be appropriate:


My name is

I am
adult, agnostic, ally, BDSM, baby girl, bidyke, big sister, bisexual, brunette, caring, cisgender, curious, curvy, daughter, deist, dork, female, geek, gender blender, girl, intelligent, interested, introvert, kinky, LGBTQIA, lover, Miss, Ms., ma’am, mistress, pagan, pansexual, passionate, polyamorous, polysexual, pro-sex feminist, queer, queer-friendly, questioning, sadomasochist, sapiosexual, switch, tattooed, voyeuristic, wench, woman
Who are you?

I am an adult – legally.  I am older than 18 and 21, both of which are markers of adulthood in my culture.

I am agnostic, because I unsure of whether there is or are deities.

I am a baby girl because that’s what my papi calls me.

I am a bidyke, because I am not lesbian identified, but the term dyke resonates very strongly with my sense of gender expression.  I do not conform to either masculine or feminine dress expectations, but tend to prefer the comfort of clothing over the look of it.

I am a big sister, because I have a younger sister.

I still use the term bisexual, because it tends to require less explanation to outsiders that pansexual or queer, even though those are terms that resonate more with me.

I have brownish hair, therefore I am a brunette.

I am caring because I tend to orient myself towards helping others.

I identify as cisgender because both mentally and physically I am comfortable in the sex I was assigned at birth.

I am always curious.  My favorite question is “why?”

I am curvy.  I have breasts, hips, a stomach, and thighs that stick out and make delightful curves around my body.

I am a daughter because I was a girl born to my parents and proud to have been so.

I am a deist.  If there is a deity or deities, I believe that they created the world then left it be.

I am a dork.  I love to make fun of myself and do silly things just to make everyone smile.

I am female.  This is both the sex I was assigned at birth and the gender I live in comfortably.

I am a geek.  Ask me about Firefly, or Doctor Who, or Star Trek (especially Next Generation and onward).

I am a gender blender.  I choose to express gender in a way that blends both male and female characteristics, even if it might not be apparent in any given encounter with me.

I am a girl.  I may be a woman because I grew to be an adult, but I never lost the girl side of me.

I am intelligent.  Ask anyone who knows me.  Ask the “standard measure of intelligence”, the IQ test and I have above average intelligence on that level.

I am interested.  This goes along with the curious.

I am an introvert.  I charge my batteries by spending time by myself.

I am kinky.  I like a lot of what BDSM offers me and I am definitely not vanilla.

I belong to the LGBTQIA community, as a bi/queer woman.  It gives me a paradigm.

I am a lover.  I have a (at this point in time) a lover/partner, but in times past I have had several.

I am good with anyone calling me Miss or Ms. on my mail.

I use the terms mistress or ma’am when I am topping someone.  I tend to prefer ma’am, but have some fondness for mistress because Minx called me that.

I identify as pagan.  I am in true awe of the power of nature above all.

I identify as pansexual.  It encompasses my appreciation for many different sex/gender combinations.

I am passionate.  If there is something or someone that interests me, I will go at that cause whole-heartedly.

I am polyamourous.  I believe that love is infinite and that I have the capacity to hold more than one person in my heart at one time.

I am polysexual.  I will have sex with more than one person over a period of time.  I tend to prefer sex within the context of some sort of relationship, though it need not be romantic.

I am a pro-sex feminist.  I believe that everyone, so long as it does not harm anyone else or encroach on their personal space without consent, should be allowed to practice sex however they see fit, even if it is something I would never do myself.  I also believe in equality of opportunity for men, women, and all those in between and outside.

I am queer.  I like this term because it also means odd, which I am as well.

I am queer-friendly because, being queer, it doesn’t make sense to me not to be.

I am questioning.  I always like to re-examine myself, figure out where I am, whether I am still okay with identifying as I do.

I am a sadomasochist.  I like both giving and receiving pain on a physical and intellectual level.

I am a sapiosexual.  Intelligence in people is a huge turn-on.  I want to be able to have long conversations about strange and extraordinary things with my friends and partners.

I am a switch.  I enjoy playing on all sides of the BDSM dice – top, bottom, submissive, dominant, sadist, and masochist.

I am voyeuristic.  I like watching and listening to people in all contexts, sexually (consensually, of course) and non-sexually.

I am a wench.  This is what Minx called me as a pet term, and I like it.

I am a woman.  And I am good with that.

I am also so much more than my labels could ever encompass.  I am me!