Tarot (Again)

So, I bought my first Tarot set the other day, from the hippie coffeehouse near my work.  When I had started thinking about tarot again a few months ago, I went on a search for a deck that would match my ideas and my spirituality (trying to figure out how to tap into this – I lost my sense of it a few years back and am just starting to pick up bits and pieces).  I did tons of research into various designs, the guidebooks that came with them, what other (experienced) people thought about them and just let the information percolate for more than a month, then let it sit, to see what kind of coffee it produced.

Then I waited for this deck to come in.  I didn’t know whether they would actually restock at the coffeehouse, but I figured that patience was in order for this sort of thing.  But once day, they did restock, and I got the one I’d been waiting on: this deck.

A couple notes:

  • This is not my first tarot deck.  My first was a gift (as I’ve heard is the correct way to do it) – a tiny pocket sized deck that my mother gave me because she didn’t want it.  I used the heck out of that deck in high school – lots to think about during that period of my life.
  • I don’t believe in the tarot as a predictive or mystical force, just a way to contemplate and process what is going on in my life.  An odd sort of meditation, I suppose.
  • So, I plan on occasionally pulling single cards per day or doing a layout for meditative purposes, and I’m going to share what I get if I think it is relevant or intriguing.  I will not be offended if people skip over those – I know it’s not everyone’s bag.