Questions I don’t have answers to

How much is too much?

How much can I ask from someone before it is too much?

At what point does expressing my needs/wants in a relationship become needy?

How can I find balance in relationships where I have/express more emotional needs and wants than my partner?

How do I explain situations where my intent and my actions don’t match up completely, where someone might think something of me that was the result of me having portrayed what I was feeling or thinking incorrectly (for whatever reason)?

How often do I have to wear the human mask?  Is 75% of the time ok, or is 95-100% required?

How do I separate my sense of me from my mental illness?  I know it’s not possible to do for my neurodivergence – I am who I am because of the differences with my brain.  But is it possible to chemical unentangle “me” from my depression or my anxiety?  Or therapeutically?  Or are my depression and anxiety as much of my neurodivergence as my ADHD, high sensitivity, and sensory processing issues, and thus not possible to entangle in any way?  How much of “me” am I willing to sacrifice to try to find some relief? (I have the general answer to this – not too much – but I don’t know what that entails.)

What am I willing to sacrifice to make my dreams come true?  And is the sacrifice worth the dream?