The Cast

The cast of the drama of my life:

Me:  Well duh!

Current Relationships:
Trydaen (male): My boyfriend/partner of more than six years. Lives with Butterfly, Heinlein, and Artist, and me.
Diplomat (male): My boyfriend/partner of more than two years. Also partners with Star. Married to June.
Engima (male): My partner of a few months. Also partners with Kitty, and best friend/platonic life partner to Brass.

Closer* Network:
Artist (male): My current roomie.
Brass (male): Enigma’s best friend of many years. A sort of platonic life partner. Roommates with him and Kitty.
Butterfly (female): My ex-girlfriend and current roomie. We were together about a year.  Made it out the other end with a decent friendship.
Heinlein (male): Butterfly’s husband and my current roomie.
Lola (female): My ex-girlfriend. Has two children.
Moss (male): My former partner.  I knew him for more than a few years before we decided to have a go at seeing each other, about a year and a half ago. Committed romantic relationship is over for the time being – it’s complicated. See this for an explanation.
Raven (male): Minx’s widow(er) and one of my very good friends.

June (NB): Diplomat’s wife.
Star (female): Diplomat’s girlfriend/partner. Has two older kids.
Kitty (female): Enigma’s partner. Lives with him and Brass.

Other Chart Folks:
Minx (female): My deceased former girlfriend of about six months.

*The people I interact with more regularly in some way or another

 Relationship Diagram 042319

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