November Write 11

It is hard to write about even the very recent past and the emotions of the day when you are in an entirely different headspace, but I will try (though it may be brief).

Last night I went to a concert with Diplomat, June, and Star.  We all met up for drinks and chat a couple hours beforehand, along with one of June’s good friends (who wasn’t going to the concert, but wanted the chance to drink and chat).  Afterwards we walked together to the bar the concert was in (all of a block away or so) during the one of the openers, so I got the chance to meet a number of Diplomat and June’s friends from a different community, which was amazing, and made me feel very loved and welcomed.

The space itself was not very large, with a pretty standard set up: stage in the back with dancing/standing space, door in the front, bar on the left, limited seating on the right.  Good light levels.  There was a fair sized crowd for the space – for me, perfect sized for the space.  Not so crowded that I had to keep a scan for my exits going and there was always space to move around.  So that helped me relax immensely.

The singer was a member of a band I knew in college and whose break up concert I went to about eight or so years ago.  I forgot how fabulous his voice was, especially in person.  Wow.  And he chose to engage the audience, actually had us participate in the experience, which made me very happy.  And the music was perfect to move to, to flow to.  And having such a great part of my chosen family with me – that made the experience many times better.  Such joy, love, and compersion.  Just…wow.

As I posted while I was waiting for my pelmini after the show (Delicious Russian dumplings, either in potato or beef, with whatever toppings you order – I got mac and cheese.  So much cheese!  Also, just about the perfect late night food, especially after drinking), it was the happiest I’ve been for a long time.  Pure, unadulterated, delight.

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