Depression’s Lies

I had a mini post’s worth of thought on this subject, based on a friends’ posting, so I’m going to see if I can expand it.

Depression lies.  It is in fact one of the worst liars I know of – it’s lies are often only believed by the person in whose head it resides, and they are so insulting.

It can tell you that you screwed up, that you are screwing up right now, that you will always be at fault, that you are not worth being in a relationship with (of any kind), etc.   It can tell you that you are worth absolutely nothing, that the world hates you, and wants nothing more that for you to take yourself out of it.  It lies so well, and it can be so easy to believe it.

I know for me, every year, I war against those lies, in a string of battles.  But please believe me when I say: you are not alone.  A lot of us battle alongside, and are willing to help.


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