More Than Two 2.2

What configurations am I open to? Am I looking for a particular configuration because I’m afraid that others might be more scary or more threatening?

All this in theory, because I’m basically saturated at the moment.

I’m generally more open to people as individuals.  Not really into the idea of dating a dyad (or triad, or so on…) together, but if for some reason I click with both/some/all of them separately, then I have no issues with that.  I tend to like to keep things small, so I don’t get overwhelmed, so sub four partners (all levels of entanglement and involvement) tends to work out best for me (but they can’t all be high involvement/entanglement – my limit there is somewhere between 2 and 3).

I’m not looking for a specific configuration in particular, so I can’t really answer the second question except to say that my concern is more emotional energy drain and not having enough downtime rather than finding something scary or threatening.

If you like it, tell me why. If you don't, tell me why.

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